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Apr 012014

Woman Freebies Egg Hunt 2014 – It’s Back


Woman Freebies Egg Hunt 2014

Starting today April 1st – April 20th

Take a chance on grabbing one of over $60,000 worth of prizes

being given away on

The concept is simple.  Scour the Woman Freebies Blog posts to find the eggs.

Screenshot 2014-04-03 06.54.28

Click on the egg to see if you have won.  Every post has an egg on it this year, so you will need to click on the egg to crack it open.  It will either say SORRY, You Missed Him.  Or you will find the Easter Bunny.  If you find the Easter Bunny, you have won one of their amazing prizes like a Keurig, iPad Mini, or a Kitchen Aid and more.

For detailed information visit

Good Luck Everyone!!!

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