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Twitter Party Calendar

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What is a Twitter Party?

Twitter parties are sponsored chats on twitter that offer prizes to guests who participate during the chat using a specific hashtag in each tweet. For instance I just had a #HolidayBaking Twitter party! In order for me to see all of the guests who are participating they MUST use #HolidayBaking in each and every tweet. Without the # symbol before the designated word HolidayBaking I would not be able to see them, and they would not be eligible to win prizes. When using a hashtag or # symbol in front of your word, do NOT add a space. The combination of the 2 create a link on twitter!


How to join a Twitter Party ?

To join a  Twitter Party you must first create a Twitter Account.  Head HERE to get started on your free account.


Once you have created an account and chosen your Twitter name, you will notice the symbol @ in front of your Twitter name, also known as your Twitter handle.  The @ symbol is your way of speaking directly to someone, with out the @ symbol in front of the Twitter handle, whom ever it is you are trying to chat with will not be notified that you are speaking to them and they will not get your message.  My Twitter handle/Twitter name is @do_it_all_moms. So anytime someone wants to direct a question or comment to me they must us the @ symbol to connect!

For more information on how to attend a Twitter Party, check out our step by step instructions HERE .

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Sponsoring a Twitter Party.

We are always happy to work with sponsors and host a Twitter Party. If you are looking to sponsor a party contact:

Dawnyel Bowersox – CEO at



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Dawnyel Bowersox on Google+!

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