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Jan 212014

New Entertainment Website from CHALK Preschool

Looking for a fun, free, and educational site to take your children on adventures everyday?

CHALK Preschool has a brand new web show with the adorable CHALKlets.  Play games, go on field trips , hear stories, create art and more with the CHALKlets.

CHALK Preschool is a completely free site dedicated to helping you prepare your children for school.

To check out the new CHALK preschool trailer’s click on the links below.

CHALK Preschool

Miss Christina introduces the new entertainment website form CHALK Preschool 

Meet The Chalklets

My experience with CHALK Online Pre-School has been amazing.  I added an account for my 4 year old and my 2 year old! Within the first 30 minutes my 4 year old was able to sing just about every word to their fun and entertaining Weather song, and also recognize the word NOVEMBER. My 2 year old immediately learned the color BLACK. Yes within 30 minutes.

What I love most about this amazing program is that it saves me about $1000 dollars a month or more and it has a   “FUN” teaching program. CHALK Online Pre-School has found a way to take singing, dancing, & crafting and turn it into a fun learning method. Brilliant if I do say so myself!

When I asked my 4 year old what he thought about the site, here is what he had to say

“I wuv this show, can we watch it again and tomorrow too?”  – Cole 4 years old.

When I asked my 2 year old if he was having fun, his words were

“Mommy “yook”, good job” (claps hands) – Christopher 2 years old.

I am happy to announce that even though Cole just turned 5 yesterday (July 1st) he passed his Kindergarten test and will be starting this school year.  He was a 7 week preemie so I had doubts as to if he would be able to start this year or if I would have to wait until next year.  Because of when his birthday falls, I have the option of allowing him to go or to wait.  Because we have worked so much with CHALK over the last 5 months, he is more than ready to start.

I am very thankful to CHALK Preschool for helping us prepare and learn!

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